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Capital of nougat and sweets


Visit the town of Montélimar and the Candy Palace

Montélimar is a ½ hour drive from the Lion campsite.

The town is world-famous as the capital of nougat, and you can visit some of the most famous nougat producers in the world. nougat factories and enjoy these delicious treats.

Sugar, lavender honey, egg whites, vanilla, almonds and pistachios are the secrets behind the making of the Montélimar nougat.

You can also visit the Palace of sweets and nougat.

You can find all the information you need on the Montélimar Tourist Office website.

100 Rte de Valence - 26200 Montélimar

30 minutes
by car
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On the "alizée" & "IRM Vacanciale" mobile homes

From 06 July to 13 July 2024