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The Aven d'Orgnac cave

Discover one of France's great sites

Aven d'Orgnac

Visit the Aven d'Orgnac cave

La Ardèche gorges region renowned for its many sumptuous cavesthe Aven d'Orgnac site offers an exceptionally rich cave 16 km from the lion campsite.

A visit that will take you to the heart of real underground cathedrals 121 metres underground to discover another world where grandeur and finesse come together in perfect harmony.

So when we enters the first room of the cave, the Salle De JolyHere, you're faced with 7,000m² of diverse and varied concretions (stalagmites and stalactites). You lose all sense of distance, under ceilings over 30m high... Stalagmites are everywhere! Gigantic or extremely fine, our guide describes each of these natural sculptures with passion... 

2240, route de l'Aven - 07150 Orgnac-l'Aven

20 min
by car
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From 06 July to 13 July 2024